Our Hospitals

Maua Methodist Hospital

Maua Methodist Hospital is an agency of the Methodist Church of Kenya and serves as a regional medical center in the Maua area of Meru County.  Serving a population of over 600,000 persons - including 110,000 children.

 The hospital provides general medical services including maternity, surgery, dental and optical. In addition to the "in house" services, the hospital has an extensive Community Health Department (CHD) which includes palliative care, operation of a clinic at Ndoleli, supervising emergency food relief Additionally, it oversees an Early Childhood Development program based at a local public school which provides a good start to AIDS orphans who live in the area.

The CHD also is extensively involved with teams of people from churches around the world who want to come to Maua to make a difference. Teams are involved with medical clinics, construction of small homes for orphans, deworming of children in school and elsewhere, delivering and planting "kitchen gardens", and other activities.

Hospital Requirements

Hospitals looking to partner with Missions IT Network must have these requirements in place in order to receive services.

1. Religious or Government affiliation that will verify your status as a mission hospital.

2. Sufficent electrical grid power and or backup  generator.

3. Working internet available to your facility.

4. Providing affordable healthcare services to underserviced communities.